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Allstate Crane Rental provides trained specialists who have years of experience in the rigging industry. Our team is accustomed to developing comprehensive solutions to complex problems and our state-of-the-art fabrication facilities allow Allstate Crane Rental to design, fabricate, and test custom rigging equipment when necessary. When our rigging specialists arrive at your job site, you can rest assured we are ready to work. Our fleet of state of the art rigging trailers come equipped with all the tools and rigging equipment needed to complete your project.

What is Rigging?
Rigging is “the art of lifting heavy objects.” The crane provides the vehicle for the lifting and relocation of the piece in question.

Considerations as with any industry involving heavy equipment and heavy loads, crane rigging requires experience and specialization.

When lifting a piece, riggers must ascertain its weight. After they have decided its tonnage, they must choose the proper method for lifting it and how it will be applied so as best to control the balance of the piece. Materials are then used to secure the piece or to keep it stabilized throughout the lift. These items may include slings, dollies, lines and shackles.