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  • How Does 3D Lift Plan Work?

    3D Lift Plan is a lift planning and crane selection application. You provide the weight and dimensions of the object you are lifting and the location and size of any obstructions on the jobsite. 3D Lift Plan will search the load charts for all your cranes to find the most economical crane configurations for the lift.

    3D Lift Plan is available on many onboard crane computers in the Allstate fleet. When the weight and dimensions of the load and the location and size of any jobsite obstructions are uploaded, Allstate's 3D Lift Plan automatically searches the load chart database for all possible cranes to find the most economical crane configurations. Then our lift planners use 3D Lift Plan to perform virtual “trial runs,” viewing the job from different angles. Like a practice before the big game, 3D Lift Plan enables our planners to help select the right equipment for the job, visualize the lift, and then test it to prove effectiveness—increasing safety and improving productivity at the same time.

    With 3D Lift Plan, construction team members and planners will "see" a successful lift based on the variables they choose, from crane to crane position and from ground bearing pressure to rigging configuration. The right combination of these variables enables a successful outcome—and a well-planned lift can be more cost effective by not overestimating the crane power needed.

  • All 3D Lift Plan Increases Safety and Productivity

    With the right equipment and the right lift plan, even the most challenging picks can be safely and efficiently performed. With Allstate's 3D Lift Plan, an Internet-based lift-planning and crane-selection application from AIA Software, our lift planners can not only help you select the best equipment options but also can visualize and test the plan before the job. For complicated and intricate lifts, 3D Lift Plan helps make the preparation precise—to help ensure a safer and more successful lift.

    Any pick can be simulated in 3D Lift Plan, resulting in increased efficiency on the jobsite and on the bottom line. Most importantly, thorough lift planning improves lift safety by improving foresight and real-time lift accuracy. Lift-planning service is free to ALL customers.